Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Council of America strongly supports official recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Reaffirming the American record on the Armenian Genocide ensures that other crimes against humanity are not repeated. Passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution will encourage our ally Turkey to come to terms with its past.

The Republic of Artsakh

The Republic of Artsakh declared independence from Azerbaijan because of continued persecution, oppression, and human and civil rights violations by the Azeri Turks. It was attached to Azerbaijan as an Autonomous Region by Joseph Stalin in 1921 and has suffered under Azeri rule from that time onward. Today, a tenuous cease-fire is in place. However, the Azeris number eight million and have a wealth of oil resources to draw upon, and the Armenians of Artsakh only 160,000 and scant resources. Very little would prevent the Azeris from reopening hostilities and starting a full-scale war with oil money in its coffers. A genocide similar to that of 1915 is threatened unless the world takes an interest in and protects the lives of the embattled Armenian minority.

Solutions to the Conflict

The Armenian Council of America and the entire Armenian American community of the United States encourage and support the Artsakh Republic’s continuing efforts to develop as a free, democratic and independent nation.

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