Satellite Imagery Documents Cultural Heritage at Risk in Artsakh

Using high resolution satellite imagery,  Caucasus Heritage Watch (CHW) a project they established in 2020, documents changes in the built environment of cultural landscapes.  In order to monitor the condition of currently endangered sites, CHW tasks satellites to capture images throughout the year, providing a regularly updated stream of information on the physical integrity of cultural heritage sites in the region.

At present, the primary focus of CHW, is monitoring the condition of hundreds of Armenian historical monuments that now are under Azerbaijan’s jurisdiction following a November 2020 ceasefire to the 44-day Atsakh War.

The first report from CHW published July 7. And the CHW project dashboard went live the same day, showing the numbers and types of sites under surveillance at any given moment, as well as their current findings. Its database includes more than 2,000 sites across an area of 12,000 square kilometers, hundreds of which are under active monitoring.