US Ambassador to Armenia: Karabakh Conflict Not Settled, Artsakh Status To Be Clarified

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has yet to be settled, and the status of Artsakh will be clarified. This is what US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Armenia Lynne Tracy said in an interview with Armenian Public Television.

Tracy said the three fundamental principles of the negotiations over a settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict remain current and applicable.

“I believe some of the previously existing fundamental principles remain current and applicable. Territorial integrity was one of the fundamental principles, as well as the principle of the self-determination of nations and the principle of no use of force or threat of force,” the Ambassador said.

According to the US Ambassador, the mentioned principles for overcoming the hardships, settle the disagreements and resolve the tension can still be guiding from the perspective of negotiations.

“When we continue to reassess the peculiarities of the situation on the spot, it is these principles that, in many regards, remain guiding and orienting principles for negotiations because, as a Co-Chair, we seek durable peace, and for this it is actually necessary to lead comprehensive negotiations and to have the parties be ready to talk to each other sincerely, clearly and be ready to make compromises.

A ceasefire was signed in November 2020, and as I already said, this is the US government’s policy on this issue. It is also very important that we are able to understand the interest of every party. One of the interests is territorial integrity, but self-determination of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh has been and remains one of the fundamental principles that can’t be overlooked,” the Ambassador noted.